This is an incredibly smart move by Playtex Nike Free Run because according to Wikipedia, more than 80% of women are wearing ill-fitted bras. (A study done by Katherine Wood, Melainie Cameron and Kylie Fitzgerald) Capitalizing on the fact that this is a very real problem that most women do not feel like talking about to their friends, was born. It was designed to help women find out if they are wearing the right sized bra. Guided by Roz, the online bra fit specialist, all end-users need to do is to tell Roz the band size, cup size and bra-type preference. Playtex then helps narrow down the options and then identify a single one that will satisfy its customers and present a list of Playtex options. A smart move because Playtex is not merely selling. It is different from its competitors because they are engaging people, telling their customers that they care about comfort and fit and they would love to help. They have found a way to actually HELP a customer and build rapport along the way. It is my guess that these happy customers would not only come back to Playtex Cheap Nike Free Run when they need a new bra but they will also recommend it to their friends. In this aspect, they have also succeeded in attracting more potential buyers through their customers...a potent mix of online marketing and word-of-mouth marketing. And the reason for their success is because their focus was on the customers first, money second. Celebrity Slim Australia. For those of you who have never heard of this company, it is an Australian-based company that brings weight watchers a brand new meal replacement program that can help people lose the pounds without losing their health. The company, like Playtex, does not merely SELL their products. Instead, they engage customers and potential customers with a program they call Celebrity Slim Program which is free and with the main aim of guiding potential customers through weight management advice. The program also tells potential customers what to eat and avoid so that they can maintain their weight once the desired weight is reached. The website also included a helpful food table which indirectly recommends their products at the back of the website and it gives customers information about common goods and their nutritional value. All this information is absolutely free. Nike Free

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